The Bitcoin Handbook (PDF)

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A collection of the most helpful frameworks, mental models, and heuristics for making sense of money in the Digital Age.

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Over the years I’ve created and collected a vast amount of notes, diagrams, charts, and quotes that I believe help to explain the inevitability of bitcoin from first principles. After hundreds of iterations, I've now organized them into one easy-to-digest book covering 55 key concepts.

Written for a non-technical audience and packed with thought-provoking illustrations, it's a valuable resource for all levels. Think of it as your handy companion as you journey down the rabbit hole.

The Bitcoin Handbook will help you recognize the patterns of disruptive innovation and avoid succumbing to the same fear-mongering narratives that caused many to overlook the importance of the internet.

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What format is it? PDF

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About Anil

Anil Patel is an independent author, educator, and angel investor based in Canada. He is known for creating highly effective teaching resources for visual learners. Anil holds an M.B.A and has worked with several bitcoin companies including Swan, Unchained and Bitcoin Magazine.

BONUS: Presentation Deck

This slide deck, based on the 55 concepts covered in The Bitcoin Handbook, is perfect for use in presentations, blogs, and workshops. It's an essential resource for all bitcoin educators.

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The Bitcoin Handbook (PDF)

44 ratings
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