Bitcoin's Essential Concepts: Presentation Deck

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This slide deck is a collection of the most relevant and applicable frameworks, mental models, and heuristics as they relate to bitcoin.

Over the years I’ve created and collected a vast amount of notes, diagrams, charts, and quotes that I believe help to explain the inevitability of bitcoin from first principles.

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After hundreds of iterations, I've now organized them into one easy-to-digest resource.

This slide deck is perfect for use in presentations, inclusion in blogs, and for teaching workshops. It's an essential resource for all bitcoin educators.

In total, the deck covers 55 concepts and is written for a non-technical audience that enjoy visual explanations.

This deck is based on my latest book The Bitcoin Handbook.

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Praise for The Bitcoin Handbook

"Anil has done an incredible job visually illustrating some of the most important concepts in bitcoin in an intuitive, appealing, and popular way." —Saifedean Ammous

"Anil has an impressive ability to condense down hundreds of hours of reading, listening, and learning into simple graphics." —Stephan Livera

“Anil has a great way of condensing complex ideas into visual form that makes absorbing them much easier for the layperson. He's done some fantastic threads on money and Bitcoin. Follow Anil!" —Vijay Boyapati

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  1. Scarcity
  2. Monetary Premium
  3. Gresham’s Law
  4. Thier’s Law
  5. Cantillon Effect
  6. Schelling Point
  7. Opportunity Cost
  8. Time Preference
  9. Impossible Trinity
  10. Jevons Paradox
  11. Power Laws
  12. Winner-Take-All Effects
  13. Unit Bias
  14. Veblen Good
  15. Malinvestment
  16. Asymmetric Payoff
  17. Ansoff Matrix
  18. Gartner Hype Cycle
  19. Amara’s Law
  20. Orders of Magnitude
  21. 10x Improvement Rule
  22. Network Effects
  23. Churn
  24. Accelerating Returns
  25. Higher-Order Effects
  26. Creative Destruction
  27. Feedback Loops
  28. Reflexivity
  29. Relativity
  30. Thermodynamics 1st law
  31. Thermodynamics 2nd law
  32. Information Theory
  33. Arrow of Time
  34. Moore’s Law
  35. Antifragility
  36. Gall’s Law
  37. Attack Surface
  38. Catalysts
  39. Friction
  40. Prisoner’s Dilemma
  41. Jurisdictional Arbitrage
  42. Social Proof
  43. Mimetic Theory
  44. First Conclusion Bias
  45. Circle of Competence
  46. Dunning-Kruger Effect
  47. Category Error
  48. Intransigent Minority
  49. Inequivalence Theorem
  50. Gell-Mann Amnesia
  51. Lindy Effect
  52. Emergence
  53. Streisand Effect
  54. Moral Hazard
  55. Counterparty Risk


What format is it in?

It's a PDF. I want you to be able to share individual pages with friends and family and that means using the most widely compatible file type for the most number of devices. You can view it on a kindle but please note that some elements may not be visible due to the grayscale limitations.

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Can I use this resource in my own work?

Yes, with attribution. I also ask that you do not charge people for it.

I'd like to translate this into another language.

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Bitcoin's Essential Concepts: Presentation Deck

18 ratings
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