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The Bitcoin Course: Exploring Networks & Money

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After many requests it was time to put all the educational bitcoin content I'd created over the years into a short, sharp, and digestible online course.

There are many great introductory bitcoin courses out there. This however is aimed at bitcoiners who want to get better at communicating bitcoin in plain language to a broader audience (or perhaps professional network).

So I'm going to arm you with analogies, mental models, and downloadable resources to do just this. We'll tackle bitcoin by first exploring the topic of networks, then the logic of money, before finally connecting these dots to bitcoin.

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This course consists of short graphical videos (6-10mins each) narrated by me.

Total course length: <2 hours

Type: Self-paced

Competency: Beginner/Intermediate

Sample Lesson

Textbook (PDF)

Included in the price is a copy of The Bitcoin Handbook: Key Concepts in Economics, Technology & Psychology. We'll be referring to a handful of concepts throughout the course.


Meet your Instructor: Anil Patel

Anil Patel is an independent author, educator, and angel investor based in Canada. He is known for creating highly effective teaching resources for visual learners. Anil holds an M.B.A and has worked with several bitcoin companies including Swan, Unchained and Bitcoin Magazine.

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The Bitcoin Course: Exploring Networks & Money

13 ratings
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