Bitcoin Fallacies: Debunking the FUD

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Each bitcoin adoption cycle brings with it another wave of FUD (fear, uncertainty & doubt) in the form of red herrings, false claims & flawed arguments.

Some are due to ignorance, some are intentionally misleading and some are just pure lazy.

This ebook contains answers to the most common misconceptions that are recycled by skeptics.

In 25 slides, you'll have all the knowledge needed to brush off all the poorly constructed and misinformed arguments that are frequently directed at bitcoin and bitcoiners.

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Praise for 'Bitcoin Fallacies'

"As Bitcoin is getting ready to shave the heads of bankers. The clowns in media have a bank of fud to throw at it. This..will counter all fud with logic & reason." -@btcessex

"This thread is the best and most accessible refutation of the many bad arguments against BTC.." -@sdlake

"If you really want to understand Bitcoin, and whether it’s worth holding in your portfolio, seek to understand the arguments against it. Don’t let FUD determine your financial future. Let facts." -@Schrodarkian

"Great Anti-FUD resource for the visual learners. Succinct & powerful. Thank you." -@Rob_J_Hodgson

Translations Available

Korean by AtomicBTC

German by Bits of Knowledge

Russian by Alexander

Italian by Loop

About the Author

Anil is an independent educator on the topic of bitcoin.

He produces content for visual learners. You can follow him on Twitter for more content like this and you can join 1,000+ readers each week as he explores a different mental model that will help you better understand bitcoin from first principles.

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Bitcoin Fallacies: Debunking the FUD

10 ratings
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